Erica Stanley

Erica Stanley is a graduate of Plainfield High School in Plainfield, New Jersey. She is a candidate for a BA in Counseling and Psychology with a Youth Concentration from Pillar College, Somerset, New Jersey. Erica is a Certified Domestic Violence Response Team Member for Union County YWCA and an Advocate for Teen Dating Violence.

Erica recently became a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Morristown, New Jersey under the leadership of Pastor Jerry Carter. Erica has previously served as a Youth Ministry Leader of the Youth Church and a ministry for young ladies between the ages of 8-17 at Jehovah Jireh Praise & Worship Church Center in Newark, NJ. During her time as a Youth Leader she motivated over 60 youth each morning with a daily inspirational text message to start their day. Erica has facilitated workshops at: Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey for their “Women’s Day” for young ladies. She was the Keynote speaker for the young ladies empowerment club banquet at History’s High School in Newark, New Jersey. In addition, Erica has developed and facilitated self-esteem workshops for the YWCA.
Erica is currently a Residential Counselor at a residential treatment center for expecting and teen moms. She is the Vice President and Event Coordinator for Spirit of Excellence – Leadership Guidance Inc. 501(C)(3) Non-profit Organization. She is responsible for implementing and planning programs, interviewing volunteers and facilitating workshops.

Erica has a passion for pouring into the lives of youth, helping them reach their fullest potential. She is more than capable to teach, motivate, and cultivate youth on an array of social topics. Erica believes “You can’t fault someone for not knowing; when you know better you do better.” Erica states, “When working with youth she is constantly reminded of Ecclesiastes 1:9, “What has been will be again, there is nothing new under the sun.”